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Taking Measurements For a Door:

There are many ways to measure for a door replacement, but we recommend you measure your rough opening and select the replacement size which is closest to it.

For example, your rough opening measures 32-1/4" x 76-1/4". ALWAYS BACK DOWN TO THE NEAREST SIZE and order size 32" x 76".

To determine if your door is right or left handed, simply look at it from the outside of the home to see which side the hinges are on.

Installing the Door:

1. Please make sure all mounting surfaces (siding seams included) are securely fastened and flat around perimeter of door opening.

2. Be sure to apply a suitable non-hardening sealant tape (such as Putty Tape) to the backside of the door's mounting flange.

3. Be sure to not remove any shipping clips or fasteners an keep the door closed and locked during the installation. Opening the door prior to the installation will destroy the pre-squaring by the manufacturer.

4. Insert the door assembly carefully into the rough opening. Make certain the door sill is secure on the floor. Move door to hinge side until it is firmly against hinge side stud.

5. Proceed to fasten door with screws. Drive the first 3 screws into the outer frame in the middle at the hinge side. Then, drive the next 3 screws in the middle of the outer frame on the lock side. Then, secure the balance of the hinge side, across the sill, up the lock side and the header.

6. Remove the shipping clips and open the door. Install the appropriate hardware.

7. If it is a house-type door with storm door, make certain 2 long screws are put through the storm door plunger bracket fastened to the jamb. This is to anchor the bracket securely to your hinge side stud.

8. If the house-type inner door is secured to the outer frame with butt type hinges (steel sixpanel door only), run one long screw through each hinge on the jamb side to penetrate the hinge side stud.

9. The house-type door has an adjustable stop. Adjust the stop to the exterior of the inner door to insure a good seal. If the above steps are followed, the door will be sealed and operate properly.

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