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Mobile Home Bathtubs, Showers & Fixtures

Bathing in luxury and style is affordable and possible in mobile homes. Mobile home shower stalls used to be small, cramped, and barely functional. Modern mobile home bathroom fixtures and trailer bathtubs can be customized to fit the space and are an affordable way to update that old bathroom.

Mobile home bathtubs and mobile home showers can be as functional and elegant as those found in non-manufactured housing. Our collection of bathroom fixtures and bathroom accessories will allow you to customize your space how you want. Form and function are combined in products like the mobile home bathtub surrounds and other accessories.

Our high quality products, excellent customer service, and fast and easy shipping make shopping for mobile home bathroom fixtures and accessories easy and convenient.

  • Bathtubs

    Mobile Home Bathtubs

    Mobile Home Bathtubs From Mobile Home Parts Depot
    Featuring Standard, Garden and Corner Bathtubs

    You deserve a luxurious bath after a long day at work. At Mobile Home Parts Depot, we know that you don't want to compromise on quality when it comes to parts. Take a look at our gorgeous mobile home bathtubs to fit almost any budget or structure.

    Mobile home bathtubs take standard structure sizes and contour their design to a functional size. You can have a standard fiberglass tub or even a mobile home garden tub. Simply measure the space you have to make the best decision. Consider your everyday habits in the space to avoid a cramped area.

    Our bathtubs for mobile homes even include corner models. You want to use all the available space in your home, but corners can tend to be dead space. Measure your corner to move a practically spa-size mobile home bathtub into the space. You'll be amazed at the difference it makes in value and functionality.

    Featuring both ABS and Fiberglass models.

    Sizes from 54 x 27 up to 60 x 42, including corner and drop in tubs.

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  • Showers

    Mobile Home Showers for Sale

    Give your mobile home a luxurious, full-featured bathroom with our shower pans and kits. Ensure that you have a top-of-the-line bathroom facility when you shop through our mobile home shower stalls.

    We offer a wide selection of shower stall kits to accommodate any type and size of bathroom that you have in your home. Our shower bases range from 32” X32” for the smallest spaces, to three piece sets. Order the pan alone or buy shower wall surrounds or a base and wall combination piece. If you’re changing from a shower to a bathtub, we have deep fiberglass shower pans in small through large tub sizes.

    The mobile home shower stalls for sale in our store are high-quality products that you won’t have to replace for years and years to come. Enjoy the time that you spend at home more when you shop with Mobile Home Parts Depot.

    Order, ship, have it delivered or pick it up!

    Sizes ranging from a standard 32" x 32" one piece or three piece.

    Changing to a shower from a bathtub? We have your replacement for standard 54" x 27" bathtubs.

    Featuring both ABS and Fiberglass models.

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  • Complete Bathtub & Shower Replacement

    Complete Bathtub & Shower Replacement for Mobile Homes

    You can now have a complete luxurious mobile home bathtub or shower with matching surround with out the guess work. At Mobile Home Parts Depot, we have put together the most popular bathtubs and matching surrounds taking all the guess work out of making a selection of your new bathtub, shower and surround.

    You can select a standard mobile home fiberglass tub or even a mobile home garden tub, or change out your standard mobile home bathtub with a new drop in fiberglass shower.

    All of our complete bathtub and shower replacements featuring the following:

    • Fiberglass Bathtub or Shower
    • ABS Surround or Fiberglass Surround
    • Shower Valve or Tub Diverter Including Shower Head (garden tub filler on garden tubs)
    • Drain (lift n turn for bathtubs standard drain for showers)
    • Tail Piece Adapter and P Trap (drain plumbing)

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  • Tub & Shower Wall Surrounds

    Tub and Shower Surrounds For Mobile Homes

    Whether you have a tub or shower in your home, tub and shower surrounds are crucial for aesthetics and keeping your home safe from water damage. Select among several surround designs to match your decor. Mobile home bathtub surrounds can be smooth or patterned with a tile design, if desired.

    Our mobile home tub surround models come in several installation pieces: one, three or five sections. If you have a tub or shower with many corners, it's best to choose mobile home tub surrounds with more sections because you can manipulate their shape better than a stiff, one-section design.

    Mobile home shower surrounds also give you the option of caddies and soap dishes. You can even have a surround that is completely smooth with no areas for shampoo or soap. MobileHomePartsDepot.com wants you to have as many choices as possible as you update your home bathroom.

    Featuring both ABS and Fiberglass models.

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  • Tub & Shower Doors

    Mobile Home Shower Doors & Tub Enclosures

    Find the perfect mobile home shower door for your new bathroom at MobileHomePartsDepot.com. We’re proud to offer mobile home tub doors at affordable prices and in a variety of sizes. These doors can be used as a replacement for your old shower doors or as the final piece to your brand new shower or tub. We have a 27” shower stall door, a 32” X 32” shower door and 54” X 27” door for mobile home tub enclosures.

    Only looking for mobile home shower door parts? We’ve got you covered there too. Shop our store for rubber seals, shower door rollers with screws and replacement sill tracks. No matter what shower accessory you’re looking for, we have what you need at great prices. Purchase your new shower door today and start enjoying your mobile home tub or shower again.

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  • Tub & Shower Faucets

    Mobile Home Tub and Shower Faucets

    You may have purchased a mobile home that contains bathroom fixtures from years past. This problem is easily solved with the mobile home tub and shower faucets that we have featured on our website. Some people like mobile home faucets with knobs that turn, but others like teapot handles. For your convenience, we offer both at MobileHomePartsDepot.com.

    If you need a mobile home shower faucet, we have five different styles as well as mobile home bathrub faucets. We feature several products that have the valve exposed. However, you may wish to buy a hidden valve, and we have these products available as well. With an almost endless supply of inventory, there is sure to be something that suits your taste at MobileHomePartsDepot.com.

  • Lavatory Faucets

    Featuring the finest Lavatory Faucets for mobile homes

    Offering the finest Lavatory Faucets for mobile homes. Featuring both chrome and white finishes, with or without pop-ups.

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  • Faucet Replacement Parts

    Mobile Home Faucet Parts

    Looking for a replacement for your mobile home shower faucet, mobile home garden tub faucet, or your mobile home kitchen faucet? You’ll find everything you need here: fittings for valves, knobs, stems and seats, handles, and everything in between. If you need it, we have it! Stock up on your mobile home faucet repair needs by browsing through our diverters, tub flanges, sink handles, tub spouts, and more. Not only are these built-to-last mobile home faucet parts extremely affordable, but they’ll also help you avoid costly repairs in the future. Keep your faucets in top shape and order your replacement mobile home faucet parts today!

  • Bathroom Sinks & Accessories

    Mobile Home Bathroom Sinks & Accessories

    Looking to replace or upgrade your mobile home’s bathroom sink? We have you covered with a line of the best, most affordable mobile home sinks and accessories available. We’ve designed our selection to meet any aesthetic need or price point, from cost-savvy plastic models to upscale porcelain, and from round sinks to oval. These sinks are easy to install and are ready to start working as soon as your hook-up allows, and can become a striking addition to your mobile home bathroom vanity. We offer each model in the two most common sizes: 17” x 20” or 16” x 20.” For nothing but the best in bathroom sinks for mobile homes, look to our supply today!

  • Shower/Bath Drains & Accessories

    Featuring the finest shower/bath drains and  accessories for mobile homes

    Offering the finest shower/bath drains and  accessories for mobile homes. From stoppers to flanges and paper towel holders and so much more!

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  • Toilets & Replacement Parts

    Toilet Parts & Accessories

    Looking for some plumbing supplies to repair important componants of your mobile home bathroom, or need to replace your mobile home toilet entirely? You’ll find everything you need in one easy, affordable place. Our selection of mobile home plumbing parts includes what you’ll need to keep your mobile home toilet working in top shape, from the smallest wax rings to tank levers, flush valves, and repair kits. If the exterior of your toilet needs some work, we also offer new toilet seats, tanks, bowls and covers for plumbing projects ranging from a simple repair to a full toilet replacement.

    Keep your mobile home bathroom looking and functioning great by staying on top of repairs and avoiding costlier issues down the line. Order your mobile home plumbing parts today and you’ll have one less fix-it problem to worry about in the future!

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Rubber Stoppers Rubber Stoppers
Our Price: $1.12
Flange Locks Flange Locks
Our Price: $1.12
Toilet Wax Rings Wax Rings
Our Price: $2.30
Tank Flapper Tank Flapper
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Paper Roller Paper Roller
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Toilet Bolts Toilet Bolts
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Toilet Screws Toilet Screws
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Diverter Knob Diverter Knob
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1 1/2" Lock Nut 1 1/2" Lock Nut
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Tank Lever Tank Lever
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