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Goodman Air Conditioning

High-Quality Goodman Air Conditioners

Some of the best places in the country to travel are in the south, and some of the best mobile home parks are in locations with very hot summers. This makes mobile home air conditioning units essential to your comfort and the integrity of your mobile home. When it’s overly hot and humid for several months in a row, mold and mildew can grow if you do not have a high efficiency air conditioner.

Goodman manufactures some of the highest quality mobile home AC units ever produced. The company was founded in 1982 and is now one of the largest and most trusted names in the air conditioner industry. Goodman air conditioners are notable for their reliability, simple installation and generous warranties.

Our Goodman all-in-one air conditioners use chlorine-free R-410A refrigerant and are constructed of quality copper, brass and aluminum contained in durable, galvanized steel cabinets. In addition, these units are affordable, and they meet the 2010 Florida Building Code requirements for hurricane safety. When you want only the best for your mobile home, choose a Goodman AC.

Air Conditioners with 13 SEER, 14 SEER, 16 SEER and energy efficient 18 SEER ratings.

Sizes from 1 1/2 Ton, 2 Ton, 2 1/2 Ton, 3 Ton, 3 1/2 Ton, 4 Ton and 5 Ton we are sure to have your size and needs in stock.

Enviromently Friendly 410A Freon