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Trim, Molding, and Paneling for Your Mobile Home

We are proud of our wide selection of batten and molding manufacturers which gives us the ability to match up batten and molding for homes build even prior to 1995. In some cases we are able to match 1" and or 2" batten and molding dated back 20+ years.

You can easily set off the style and inside look of your mobile home using some of our finer mobile home paneling and mobile home trim pieces, all of which are easy to install and great looking. Mobile home interior trim selections include 2" crown and base moldings and 1" cove molding, all available in 10-foot lengths. You'll also find chair rail molding, 7-foot, 2" casing and 8' outside corner pieces.

Mobile home ceiling panels sold here are high-strength, textured units that are fire-resistant and have built-in moisture and vapor resistance. These mobile home ceiling tiles are easy to install and are warranted against visible sag for five years. This category section also offers a selection of wallboard, wallboard batten and 12' lengths of mill-finished, aluminum floor seam binders.

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7ft 3/4" & 1" Stop 7ft 3/4" & 1" Stop
Our Price: $4.65
7ft 1"  Casing 7ft 1" Casing
Our Price: $7.00
8ft Outside Corner 8ft Outside Corner
Our Price: $8.18
7ft 2" Casing 7ft 2" Casing
Our Price: $8.18
7ft 2" Casing 7ft 2" Casing
Our Price: $10.53
Wallboard Batten Wallboard Batten
Our Price: $11.64
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10ft Chair Rail 10ft Chair Rail
Our Price: $12.89
10ft 1" Cove 10ft 1" Cove
Our Price: $12.89
10ft 2.5 Crown 10ft 2.5" Crown
Our Price: $14.07